HydroStar -  The turbine counter fl ow system

HydroStar was designed for continuous underwater operation. The motor is cooled and lubricated by fl owing water from the swimming pool and is therefore absolutely maintenance free. All parts are made of high-grade no-rust steel or PVC. Control of the system is continuously variable.

The robust and durable construction of the HydroStar guarantees many years of swimming enjoyment. Due to in-house production of the turbine counter fl ow system and decades of manufacturing experience you are guaranteed to receive a top-quality product.


Energy efficiency -  An economical system

Thanks to the considerably lower power consumption compared to pump systems with equivalent power HydroStar will save you 19.2 kilowatt hours in eight-hour operation, for example. At a price of € 0.28/kWh that makes € 5.38 per day!


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